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2007 Nissan Concept Car Thumbnail
1954 Oldsmobile Concept Car Thumbnail

The 2007 Nissan Round Box concept car offered an open air environment for the driver and his passengers. Designed to appeal to the young driver, the seating area added a sense of casualness for the occupants. The seating design afforded an easy means of communication, easy entry, and good lateral movement for all.

Nissan also provided a navigation system called "Play Catch" so the driver and passengers could share entertainment and driving information. It is easy for the passengers to search for shops and restaurants and send the driver the correct travelling information to reach various destinations.

There are small windows in the base of the doors to let you see the pavement flashing by and the Round Box is powered by a turbocharged direct-injection four-cylinder engine and an Xtronic CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission). The concept does show that Nissan is experimenting with direct injection and turbocharging engines. Nissan Round Box's relaxing design is increased by the mixture of round curves and flat surfaces throughout the interior, which includes the instrument panel, steering wheel and other parts.


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